Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission Result 2017-18

Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission Result 2017-18

Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission Result 2017:  A digital training program is  run by the Visva-Bharati Education and Research Institute for skill development.

Through which training of maximum youth is provided by the need for digital programs, opportunities can be provided for employment opportunities.

Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission Result 2017-18

Vishva Bharti kaushal Vikas Misson Why skills training :  

According to a survey, at present only 3.5 percent of the people in the country are fully skille in any trade.There is a huge market of jobs for skille trainers in the world. In this case, there will  plenty of opportunities for traine people of India . The country and abroad as China has identified itself as the world of manufacturing hub.  In the form of a world India is also to develop into a human resources hub.  Trained will give confidence to the youth as well as income. An increasing number of  educated unemployed is creating worrisome conditions.

In the absence of employment, the youth are becoming indulged in unrestrained activities such as theft, robbery, robbery and purse.  Estimation of the situation of employment can  estimated from the fact.  While keeping the qualifications of the engineer and the doctor.  The youth are sitting in the examination for recruitment in the work of the peon and post office. There is no exaggeration in the fact that with the country’s growing economy. The opportunities for employment have also increase rapidly.  The universities who are preparing graduates, are not in line with the needs of the industry. Due to which good professionals are not available. Millions of graduates are coming out from the states every year, but some of them are technical graduates. Whereas companies need Skille Workforce. Which can not given to the university right now.

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